Trade and intermediary services in agricultural industry export, import  

KOMODEX Ltd. was established in 2010 . According to the long-term business contacts in the agribusiness and in processing industry of the Slovak Republic and in Europe we can secure for our business partners:

• Trade and intermediary services in agrocommodities (rapeseed, sunflower, flax, soya, wheat, barley, corn, triticale, rye, potatoes...)
• Trade and intermediary services in nitrogen fertilizers (urea 46%, ammonium nitrate, ammonium nitrate with boron, ammonium nitrate with sulfur, ammonium nitrate 31.8%)
• Trade and intermediary services of liquid organic eco fertilizers on the basis of chelated microelements, humic acids and stimulators
• Soil revitalization based on humic acid HUMAC agro (Leonardit)
• Crop protection consultancy
• Trade with working and protective equipment (working clothes, shoes ...)

Despite the partial adversely affect supplier-customer relationships impact of economic crisis, we believe that serious long-term business relationship is the result of customers satisfaction and the seriousness.
Our task is based on years of experience and contacts in Slovakia and abroad as well as on the basis of market information to ensure the satisfaction to our clients.

As we work with a minimum margin of intermediary and we know the market , we can negotiate for our customers followed:

• favorable prices of agricultural commodities both for suppliers and customers.
• prepayment, respectively. payments for the collection of agricultural commodities under the agreed terms
• delivered quality of agricultural commodities, which is appreciated especially co-processors and traders
• timely delivery of supplies

"Responsibility + know how + independence = success and satisfact“

Comapny is registered at Commercial register of County Court in Prešov department Ltd., insert number: 23325/P

Invoice data of company

CRN: 45 670 609
VAT: SK2023083249

Bank contact: 29 23 84 17 39 /1100
IBAN: SK10 1100 0000 0029 2384 1739


Invoice address

KOMODEX s.r.o.
Volgogradská 9
080 01 Prešov

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